Personalized Massage Proposal

"Trulli e Vigne" massage

Energetic-Decontracting Massage, with deep and dynamic manual skills aimed at dissolving physical and emotional contractures, tensions and stiffness; grape seed oil is used, hot or cold stones a
depending on the seasons.


Total body massage duration – 60 minutes.

massaggio trulli e vigne

“CAREZZA dal MARE” Massage

The Relaxing Massage with gentle, rhythmic, deep and long manual skills, reproduces the oscillations of the sea waves, has a high myorelaxing power and stimulates imaginative activity. It is performed with sweet almond or sesame oil, enriched with essential oils of the Mediterranean scrub to be chosen from (bergamot, lemon, orange blossom, broom).


Total body massage duration – 50 minutes.

“Vento di Puglia” Massage

The wind represents the energy that circulates inside our body. The Draining Circulatory Massage is a massage that stimulates the circulation and drainage of fluids. The manual skills are light, using skimming and draining maneuvers aimed at oxygenating the tissues and eliminating toxins. Sweet almond oil is used enriched with essential oils of your choice (mint, geranium, lavender).


Total body massage duration – 50 minutes.